A Parisian law firm connected to the world


The lawyers at Rivedroit work together to design the best solutions to their clients’ issues. They study the different aspects of each issue in order to allow the client to take an informed decision. They define with him a complete, concrete, and creative solution, tailor made to its situation and in line with its aims.


Rivedroit analyses all aspects of its clients’ projects, investments or disputes. Legal issues are reviewed to get an overall understanding of the situation. Our firm review the issue to identify the range of possibilities and choose the best solution. Rivedroit lawyers thus offer their clients with the opportunity to rely on members of the firm’s professional network when the situation requires it. The understanding goes beyond legal issues and considers strategic, financial, economic impacts, public relations issues and the necessary integration of proposed solutions with the functioning of the company, its culture and its objectives. Particular attention is paid to the risks incurred by the client.


Rivedroit listens to its customers and seeks to know them (site visits, training of operational and technical teams, informal meetings, etc.). Having chosen a business approach, the lawyers work with their clients in confidence and take their features into account to develop a solution that meets their needs. Rivedroit thus forms a partnership with its client, so that the law is part of its strategic imperatives and contributes to the achievement of its goals.


Since the start of Rivedroit, its founders have developed the means to act in real time in all areas of the world to meet the needs of their customers, in France and abroad. The training and professional background of Rivedroit lawyers have accustomed them to work in multicultural environments. They have studied and worked abroad (Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, Algeria, Vietnam, China, etc.), operate in both French and English and have worked in the foreign offices of international law firms, which enabled them to develop an ability to adapt to varied situation and to forge privileged relationships with foreign partners who share their views on businesses and relations to customers. Cases are becoming more and more international and lawyers at Rivedroit are renowned for acting in all situations involving foreign elements.
Our firm wishes to be the privileged partner of its clients, whether French or foreign, by assisting them in all stages of their projects.
The firm’s lawyers are regularly involved on multi-jurisdictional or arbitration disputes, which has allowed them to be listed on the World Bank panel.


Eager to meet their clients’ needs and to win for and with them, lawyers at Rivedroit are fully committed to their aims. The key words of their assignment are excellence, audacity, anticipation, imagination and the culture of results.


“Knowledge of law and ethics”, “professionalism in exchanges”, “skillful in writing, arguments and pleadings”: these are the main qualities that clients attribute to our lawyers.


Lawyers at Rivedroit have opted for a small structure and favor teamwork. The quality of the links between the members of the firm – partners and associates – makes it possible to set-up multidisciplinary teams, according to the specificities of each case. As part of the tradition of transmitting the know-how characteristic of the legal profession, the partners of the firm ensure that they provide quality training to their associates, at the service of their clients.


Available, lawyers at Rivedroit can be reached at anytime, anywhere, by email and/or telephone. Each step in a case is assessed against the aims set with the client, in order to always be effective in the solution.


Rivedroit establishes close personal ties with its clients, based on trust and mutual knowledge, allowing us to move forward together and efficiently to reach the best solution. Each case is personally monitored by one of the firm’s partners.


Rivedroit ensures its clients perfect control of their legal expenses: clear fee agreements, detailed monthly invoicing, preliminary estimates, packages, subscriptions, alert systems, sliding scales and/or performance fees.