Rivedroit has all the skills and resources necessary to be the preferred contact of their clients in monitoring and supporting their activities.


Multilingual, accustomed to working with clients from different areas of the world and from different legal backgrounds, lawyers at Rivedroit are a key element in the development of the activities of foreign companies in mainland France as well as in the DOM-TOMs.

Support throughout the investment project from the feasibility study to the operational phase (day-to-day operations).

  • Advice on the regulatory environment applicable to FDI projects.
  • Advice on tax issues applicable to FDI projects.
  • Advice on labor law.
  • Drafting and negotiation of contractual documentation, statutes, joint venture agreements, license agreements, technology transfer agreements.
  • Support in the context of acquisitions, equity investments, over-the-counter transactions or takeover offers of indebted companies.
  • Support in the context of divestment procedures – amicable or judicial recovery /bankruptcy



Rivedroit is regularly solicited by its clients to assist them in the conduct and management of their corporate life. The firm’s lawyers advise their clients on all issues related to the creation or activities of a company and intervene more particularly in the following areas:

Structuring of the project (choice of corporate structure).

  • Setting-up of the chosen structure (drafting of documentation, negotiation of partnership agreements, registration formalities).
  • Drafting of corporate agreements (employment contracts, lease agreements) and commercial contracts (general conditions of sale and purchase, supplier contracts, customer contracts)
  • Protection of the company’s intangible assets (secret know-how, trademarks, patents, copyright, domain names).
  • Assistance in the implementation / use of IT tools and IT risk prevention (IT charters, CNIL declarations, cybersquatting, phishing, e-reputation, etc.).
  • Risk management, compliance.
  • “Corporate” follow-up for all acts of corporate life (holding of shareholders meetings, operations to increase or reduce share capital, amendment to by-laws of companies, transfer of registered office, approval of accounts).
  • Internal growth projects (creation of subsidiaries) and external growth (acquisitions, equity investments, disposals of assets, private equity transactions).



The firm’s lawyers protect the interests of their clients and anticipate potentially conflicting situations resulting from their clients’ commitments.

Drafting and analysis of agreements and contractual packages, including in international environments.

  • Compliance and timeliness review.
  • Audit / legal risk assessment of contracts.
  • Contractual liability, preparation of the litigation phase, management of the pre-litigation phase…
  • Termination of contracts (analysis of notices, termination conditions, etc.)
  • Rivedroit is involved in all commitments relating to a company’s commercial relations:
    Relations with customers and suppliers. General conditions of sale, purchase, services, contracts for the international sale of goods. Negotiation of partnerships and commercial agreements.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Agreements for the transfer of know-how and non-patented technology, assignment and/or licensing of trademarks, patents, copyright, etc.
  • Agent, distribution agreements…



Lawyers at Rivedroit are able to act very early in the transactional process, which allows their clients to save precious time; for example, by setting up and managing teams of first-class experts (legal auditors, accountants, etc.), capable of accurately determining the “fair price” of the target and quickly identifying the legal risks involved in the planned transaction. Advising in turn entrepreneurs or investors, both French and foreign, Rivedroit acts both on domestic and international transactions.

Acquisitions/disposals of businesses.

  • Acquisitions / disposals of securities.
  • Equity investments with shareholders’ agreements.
  • Direct investments (joint ventures, etc.)
  • Leveraged transactions (LBO, etc.)



Real estate is an essential economic sector whose interactions with the law are multiple. Real estate deals with several fields of law: contract law, public procurement, construction law, intellectual property law, tax law, real estate company law, zoning law, co-ownership law, commercial lease law, are at the heart of real estate. Real estate thus requires the involvement of specific lawyers. Real estate is a complex sector due in particular to the multiplicity and diversity of its stakeholders: real estate companies, property managers, real estate investment funds, developers, construction companies, architects, design offices, engineers, insurers, etc… The legal issues encountered by these different actors are thus of an infinite variety and require specialized judicial, legal and tax skills. Lawyers at Rivedroit participate in the drafting and negotiation of the various contracts that are involved in any real estate project:

Acquisition of land or building.

  • Architect/Engineer agreement.
  • Construction contracts.
  • Real estate financing.
  • Commercial leases.
  • BEFA.
  • Developers agreement.
  • Design-build contract.
    Lawyers at Rivedroit also handle all aspects of corporate law related to the real estate sector:
  • Real estate audit during acquisition operations of real estate companies.
  • Setting-up of SCCV, architectural company, Real-Estate SPV…
  • Shareholders’ agreement.



Rivedroit has developed a recognized expertise in labor law, both in advising clients and in litigation. We support companies and their managers in all legal issues related to the management of their human resources. Technical expertise, rigor, pragmatism and human dimension characterize our actions. We speak the same language as our contacts, know their environment and their concrete challenges and maintain long-term relationships with them. We practice both advising and litigation, which allows us to have a global and integrated approach to cases. Our clients can rely on our regularly updated and recognized expertise, on the availability, rigor and commitment of our team in order to obtain pragmatic solutions, adapted to their challenges, while limiting the risk of litigation as much as possible and controlled costs. Our Labor Law activity is dedicated to companies, their managers/agents, their Human Resources Department, in particular in the following areas:

Individual labor relations: Statutes of managers, Employment contract, Special contracts (secondment, expatriation, service contracts), delegation of powers, disciplinary law, negotiations, salary, internal investigations, remote working.

  • Business law: Support in the acquisition of companies, legal audits, labor consequences of the sale of companies and their reorganizations, outsourcing, subcontracting, harmonization of statutes
  • Social security: accidents at work, illness.
  • Relationship groups: Structuring of human resources, collective bargaining, management of workers representative institutions, professional elections, etc.
  • Training: The firm’s lawyers very regularly provide conferences and training on fundamental and topical subjects in labor law. We are committed to ensuring that our technical training is clear, practical and adapted to your company and its needs.



According to a government report, the intangible assets of a company represent up to 90% of their value. Because the increase of a company’s intangible assets has become a major issue, it is important to keep it. Rivedroit provides tailor-made solutions to its clients to enable them to safeguard and enhance their intellectual property.

Advice on trademark filing strategy – partnership with an intellectual property consulting firm

  • Drafting of assignment and licensing agreements (trademarks, copyright, patent, technology transfer)
  • Negotiation and drafting of coexistence agreements
  • Audits of intangible assets of a company