Rivedroit’s lawyers strive to find the best, most efficient and concrete solution possible. Working as a team if necessary, they carry out an in-depth assessment of cases, examining issues from all angles to help clients make enlightened choices.

They work with clients to pinpoint comprehensive, concrete and creative solutions, tailored to each individual situation and in alignment with client objectives.

A comprehensive approach and concise assessment

Rivedroit investigates its clients’ projects, investments and litigation under all lights. Legal issues are examined from a wide angle to garner optimal understanding of a given situation.

Rivedroit approaches cases from an interdisciplinary point of view. Its lawyers reject hyper-specialisation in a bid to avoid assuming a single position, and with a view to coming up with the very best solution possible. Rivedroit offers its clients access to members of its professional network where necessary or useful.

The firm’s approach extends beyond a legal context, encompassing financial and economic impact, effects on image, and the proposed solution’s compatibility with the company’s culture, working methods and objectives. Particularly close attention is paid to client exposure.

A tailored solution

The firm’s lawyers tackle each case via a similar blueprint, yet adapt to each client’s situation to provide the right solutions to the issues raised in each case.

They put forward different scenarios before working with their client to settle on the right solution to be implemented together. Imagination and total transparency are the firm’s essential ingredients. Each solution is honed, based on concrete possibilities, and adapted to fit the realities of each case.

Collaborative intelligence

Rivedroit is there for its clients and actively reaches out to them (on-site meetings, training operational and technical teams, informal meetings, etc.). Having opted to focus on business, Rivedroit’s lawyers work with their clients in complete confidentiality and trust, taking their specificities into account in developing a solution that meets their needs.

Rivedroit is each client’s right-hand partner, incorporating law into clients’ strategies and helping them hit their targets.
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