Because their priority is serving their clients as best they can, spurred on a passion for winning for and with them, Rivedroit’s lawyers are fully committed to standing beside them.

They put excellence, conviction, foresight, imagination and a results-focussed approach at the heart of what they do.

This desire to come up with the right solution is based on the strong commitments they make in implementing their case management strategy.


« Knowledge of the law and best practices », « professionalism in our interaction », « rigour in submittals, arguments and pleadings » are the founding principles and qualities that clients associate with Rivedroit’s lawyers.

More than just masters of the law, they stand out through their sense of responsibility, their tenacity and their drive to win.

Vibrancy and teamwork

Rivedroit’s lawyers have all opted to work as part of a close-knit family and make teamwork a point of pride. Members of the firm, including both partners and staff, draw on their deep existing ties to form pugnacious, energetic teams tailored to fit the specific needs of each case. In compliance with the knowledge-sharing tradition inherent to the profession, the firm’s partners provide staff with high-quality training to better serve their clients.

Proactiveness and efficiency

Rivedroit’s lawyers are proactive professionals, leaving no phone call, email or fax unanswered. They are reachable any time, any place, whether by email or by phone. Every client is given a mobile phone number they can use to contact the partner in charge of handling their case. Each and every new development in a case is assessed in light of the objectives defined with the client, ensuring total efficiency of the services provided.

Trust and relationships

Rivedroit establishes deep, lasting personal relationships with its clients, ties based on mutual trust and familiarity that allow us to move forward together and make efficient progress towards attaining the very best solution. Each case is personally handled and followed closely by one of the firm’s partners, who will always be on hand should you need them.

A fair, flexible invoicing policy with no nasty surprises

Rivedroit ensures clients enjoy complete control over their budget: clear, transparent fee agreements, a detailed monthly break-down of invoices, quotes, flat rates, subscriptions, notification systems, sliding scales and/or results-based fees. Rivedroit applies very competitive fees, with hourly rates ranging from €150 to €350 excluding taxes depending on the lawyer handling your case and case complexity.
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