From the very beginning, Rivedroit’s founders aimed to provide real-time solutions to meet the needs of clients scattered around the globe, both in France and abroad.

Rivedroit’s lawyers have received training and garnered professional experience that ensures they are comfortable in a multicultural working environment, having studied abroad (Belgium, United Kingdom, United States), working in both French and English, and practising in a range of international law firms. Nicolas Maubert has experience working in Beijing, while Guillaume Krafft honed his expertise in Algiers and Hanoi, allowing both to develop an ability to adapt to a range of different contexts and environments, and fostering their capacity for building strong, lasting relationships with foreign partners who share their vision of the profession and approach to clients.

Litigation is increasingly crossing borders, and Rivedroit’s lawyers are renowned for their ability to respond to cases with an international slant, whether helping clients move abroad, supporting them in strengthening their position in a foreign country, or settling disputes.


Rivedroit is an exclusive, invaluable partner to its investor clients, both French and international, supporting them through all stages of their operations: setting up 100% foreign capital subsidiaries, joint venture partnerships, company buy-outs, insolvency take-overs, etc.

Rivedroit helps clients around the world settle complex disputes by developing tailored defence strategies in partnership with local correspondents. Its lawyers work abroad, appearing before national courts or arbitrators. Rivedroit has an excellent command of multi-jurisdictional litigation, which led to it being awarded accreditation from the World Bank.

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