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Combining tradition with a contemporary approach, Rivedroit's lawyers handle litigation in all its many forms: case management, pleading, enforcing decisions as well as crisis management, media plans, out-of-court settlements, mediation, etc.

Commercial litigation

Far from being a smooth ride, business can sometimes result in the most aggressive litigation cases possible.

Rivedroit's lawyers are all litigators, defending their clients' interests before all jurisdictions, whatever the type of litigation in question:

• Contractual liability: invoice arrears, delivery delays, invoice disputes, etc.
• Abusive clauses.
• Sudden termination of established business relations.

In addition to the actual court hearings themselves, Rivedroit acts ahead of time, taking all necessary precautionary measures where possible (mortgage registration, seizures, etc.), as well as after the event, during enforcement of court decisions (payment orders, garnishment, third-party notice, etc.).

The firm's lawyers are also extremely well-versed in litigation specific to business activity: :

• Conflict between partners/associates: breach of shareholder agreements or statutes, objections to corporate transactions, contentious put and call options, etc.
• Surety law: warranties on assets and liability, directors' personal guarantees, etc.
• Derivative claims.
• Insolvency litigation: coverage of liabilities, bankruptcy, etc.

In this aspect, Rivedroit takes a simultaneously pugnacious and pragmatic approach: pugnacious, as cornering the opponent often achieves the best results, yet pragmatic, as amicable resolution can often be a quick and preferable way forward.

As lawyers with international backgrounds, the members of the firm defend their clients, whether French or international, around the world.

Examples of our experience:

• Assisting a former factory director charged with an asset shortfall of €15m.
• Assisting a major insurance company in a dispute with one of its former brokers for the recovery of €1.5m in unpaid premiums.
• Assisting a major SME in a dispute with one of its shareholders regarding an agreement to sell a majority stake.

Client testimonials:

My company was sued by one of its suppliers on grounds of unfair competition and customer poaching. My lawyer, a Rivedroit partner, fought tooth and nail, and we ultimately received compensation for defamation.

Partners : Nicolas Maubert, Guillaume Krafft

Criminal defence

Criminal defence lies at the heart of Rivedroit's work, with one of the firm's partners having served as Secretary for the Conférence du Stage.

Once members of major litigation teams specialising in criminal business law, the majority of Rivedroit's lawyers regularly work on cases of breach of trust, misuse of company assets, money laundering, corruption and various forms of fraud.

This work generally arises as part of complex and/or international cases spanning the entire spectrum of criminal law, criminal procedure and judicial cooperation. Rivedroit defends the interests of its French and international clients before French jurisdictions as well as foreign jurisdictions or before the international authorities, alongside their local colleagues and counterparts. Through handling these criminal cases, Rivedroit's lawyers have forged strong ties with Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Algeria, the Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Switzerland, the United States, Russia, the Baltic States and Egypt, in particular.

Drawing on his frequent assignments with manufacturers and insurance companies, Guillaume Krafft has also developed and consolidated his experience in two specific areas of criminal law:

• Criminal labour law: accidents in the workplace, health and safety, delegation of authority, obstruction, illegal employment, etc.
• Criminal insurance law: false affidavits, diversion, fraud, liability of intermediaries and/or insurance companies as a result of intermediaries and the ensuing civil consequences of their offences.

Client testimonials:

Criminal litigation ought to be considered in a wider economic context, and the right criminal decisions ought to be taken through our civil law suits, particularly via summary proceedings.

The insurance sector is often a little-known entity to investigators and magistrates, who often call on our expert opinions.

Passionate about defence and its profoundly human nature, the firm's lawyers also work on generalist criminal cases and always commit to their clients with the deepest respect for, and compliance with, ethics and the profession's code of best practice.

Examples of our experience:

• Assisting a major industrial group in health and safety/accidents in the workplace disputes.
• Assisting several leading insurance companies in cases of fraud, false statements and/or breach of trust committed by intermediaries and/or policyholders.
• Assisting a foreign businessman in France accused of heading up an organised money-laundering circle.
• Assisting several public health establishments accused of favouritism, fraud and corruption of public officers.
• Representing a former foreign official before the international authorities.
• Assisting senior managers in industrial and commercial groups (telecommunications, automotive, petrochemicals) in cases involving the corrupting of foreign public officers.
• Assisting the director of the French subsidiary of an American industrial group accused of obstruction in a factory closure case.
• Assisting a foreign managing director being prosecuted in France for environmental offences, obstruction, accidents in the workplace and endangerment.
• Assisting a renowned chocolate group and its CEO, prosecuted for various breaches of the French Labour Code.

Property/construction litigation

Even the best on-paper property investments can turn into headaches off paper. Examples might include:

• Poor property purchase plans or tax relief arrangements.
• Forced sales, backtracking on sales agreements, selling orders, seller/property developer liability.
• Fires and accidents, damage, defects (contractor/architect/entrepreneur liability, legal expert appraisals, implementing legal and contractual warranties, insurance, etc.).

Rivedroit's lawyers are proactive and responsive, serving as the ideal partner for their clients as they take on the full weight of these often technical and intricate disputes.

Significant experience:

• Assisting nine co-owners who had invested under the French professional/non-professional furnished property rental scheme in a case based on a lack of advice and information, brought against the asset management company initially responsible for the plans.
• Assisting a major British property investment fund in a case involving a forced sale, brought against an off-plan salesperson for a building complex in Paris.

Client testimonials:

Having been assured of a sales agreement, I found myself at a loss when the seller refused to ultimately proceed with the deed. The Rivedroit law firm assisted me in putting together a strong procedural strategy that helped us reach a deal in excellent conditions.

Partners : Guillaume Krafft

Industrial hazards, defective products and latent defects

Experienced in handling cases with significant technical aspects, Rivedroit's lawyers assist their clients, and in particular industrial clients, with production-related complications.

Rivedroit is active throughout all stages:

• Identifying hazards: business audit, liability incurred (civil, criminal, administrative), involvement of various stakeholders across the contractual chain, etc. Rivedroit's lawyers get to grips with their clients' entire manufacturing process, sales policy and environment in order to gain a finely-tuned, comprehensive vision of the difficulties in place.
• Pre-litigation phase: analysing problems from a legal and technical standpoint, proposing alternative out-of-court strategies based on the risk of conviction.
• Litigation phase: judicial expert appraisal, defence on the merits, enforcement of court decisions.

Rivedroit also handles litigation for latent defects, whether the clients are manufacturers or distributors. As a result, Rivedroit has developed significant expertise in the automotive industry, and has spent many years now working for a leading manufacturer.

Client testimonials:

The Rivedroit law firm has a highly competent team in which we have the utmost trust. Thanks to their unparalleled on-the-ground experience, their familiarity with companies and their strong relationships with legal, technical and sales contacts, our lawyers have adapted their processes to handle a number of different cases, and defend us efficiently, whilst remaining level-headed and pragmatic when a situation is to our disadvantage.

Intellectual property litigation

According to a government report, 90% of a company's stock market value lies in its intangible assets. And because companies' intangible assets have become such an important focal point, it's crucial these assets are protected.

Rivedroit boasts considerable experience in intellectual property litigation and works to defend all types of right holders (companies, authors, artists) before specialised jurisdictions, in cases involving trademarks, patents, designs and models, copyright and derived rights.

Significant experience:

• Consultant to a French museum in a case involving pre-litigation copyright claims.
• Consultant to a press photographer in a copyright infringement case for the unauthorised use of photographs.
• Consultant to an insurance company for a suit filed by a competitor attempting to cancel trademark registration.
• Consultant to an airline for a trademark infringement case filed by a catering company.
• Consultant to an Australian shoemaker in a case involving a trademark registration claim filed by a French company.

Client testimonials:

A renowned firm advised me to call on Rivedroit for assistance in protecting my rights as a photographer when one of my photographs was used in a gossip magazine without my permission. Not only did my lawyers succeed in forcing the magazine to pay significant compensation, they also managed to reach a settlement with all other media outlets (websites, TV channels, magazines) that had gone on to use the photo in question.

Partners : Nicolas Maubert

International litigation

As a firm with a global outlook, Rivedroit enjoys specific expertise in international litigation involving jurisdictions in France and abroad.

French jurisdictions:

Rivedroit helps its foreign clients with litigation, whether the clients in question are plaintiffs or defendants. Rivedroit's lawyers are sensitive to the characteristics of this type of litigation (contracts drawn up in a foreign language, conflict of law, specificities of foreign legal components) and advise clients every step of the way, assisting them in anticipating potential difficulties related to foreign legal components (local judges' approach to the litigation, exequatur and decision enforcement, etc.).

Foreign jurisdictions:

Rivedroit's lawyers are competent to represent clients before foreign judicial and arbitral jurisdictions in both French and English. Thanks to its network of foreign correspondents, Rivedroit also enjoys access to specialist teams around the world. In some jurisdictions where Rivedroit lawyers are not authorised to represent clients alone, they choose to work with specific local lawyers selected based on recommendations and areas of competence. By breaking free from the constraints generally inherent to networks, they guarantee clients receive a high-quality, international and fully independent service.

Rivedroit is accredited by the World Bank.

Examples of our experience:

• Consultant to a foreign satellite operator in the context of business litigation brought before the French courts.
• Consultant to a French media group in a case brought before the Chinese courts.
• Consultant to an American specialist lens manufacturer in the context of business litigation brought before the French courts.
• Consultant to a leading investment bank in litigation brought before the courts in the Ivory Coast.
• Providing consultancy and assistance to a major Algerian telecommunications group in a dispute with one of its shareholders.

Client testimonials:

The level of service provided by Rivedroit is comparable to that seen among our top American advisors.

Partners: Nicolas Maubert, Guillaume Krafft

Rivedroit supports businesses through each stage of the company lifecycle, from start-up and development to closing. The firm boasts all the skill-sets and resources needed to serve as an exclusive point of contact for its clients in monitoring and supporting their businesses, and has developed significant expertise in direct foreign investment.