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Rivedroit supports businesses through each stage of the company lifecycle, from start-up and development to closing. The firm boasts all the skill-sets and resources needed to serve as an exclusive point of contact for its clients in monitoring and supporting their businesses, and has developed significant expertise in direct foreign investment.

Direct Foreign Investment (DFI)

Well-versed in the intricacies of working in a multicultural environment due to their respective backgrounds, Rivedroit's lawyers are ideally placed to serve as partners to foreign investors.

Multilingual and experienced in working with clients from around the world and a range of different legal systems, Rivedroit's team is a key link for foreign investors seeking to expand their business in mainland France and the French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOMs).

• Support throughout the investment process, from feasibility studies to day-to-day operations.
• Legal counsel on regulatory environments applicable to Direct Foreign Investment projects.
• Tax consultancy for Direct Foreign Investment projects.
• Labour law consultancy.
• Drafting and negotiating contractual documents, statutes, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements and technology transfer agreements.
• Support in mergers and acquisitions, equity acquisition, off-exchange transactions or takeover bids for struggling companies.

Examples of our experience:

• Consultants to a major South American cement group in the process of buying out a French subsidiary, advising it on various tax issues (upstream dividend payments), labour law (profit-sharing and incentive schemes) and various aspects of corporate law.
• Consultants to a Chinese industrial group in the process of buying out an aircraft manufacturer.
• Consultants to a Hong Kong group in the process of buying out a fashion jewellery brand.
• Consultants to private American and Luxembourg investors, transferring securities among partners in an extremely tense family-based context. Company valued at €100,000,000. Support with financial evaluation of securities, and negotiating the legal and financial terms of the transaction.

Client testimonials:

Rivedroit's team provides legal services on par with those you'd expect from an international law firm. Their lawyers are always on-hand to help and make themselves available to assess complex legal issues to tight deadlines.

Partners : Nicolas Maubert

Business activities

Because even the simplest of operations related to business activities require the same high level of care, Rivedroit is regularly called upon by its corporate entity clients to assist in overseeing and managing aspects of their business activities to avoid any potential difficulties at a later stage.

Rivedroit advises clients on all issues related to setting up or running a company and more particularly in the following areas:

• Project structure (choosing the right business structure).
•  Incorporating the chosen structure (drafting documentation, negotiating partner agreements, registration.
•  Drafting company agreements and contracts (employment contracts, leases) and business agreements (general terms and conditions of sale and purchase, supplier agreements, client agreements).
• Protecting companies' immaterial assets (trade secrets and know-how, trademarks, patents, copyright, domain names).
•  Support in implementing and using IT tools and IT risk prevention (IT charters, Data Protection Act paperwork, cybersquatting, phishing, online reputation, etc.). Risk prevention, compliance.
• Corporate follow-up for all aspects of business (general meetings, capital increase or reduction operations, company transformation, head office transfers, approval of financial statements).
•  Internal (setting up subsidiaries) and external (acquisitions, equity interests, asset transfers, investment capital operations) growth operations.

Examples of our experience:

• Consultants to a French desktop publishing group, assisting in setting up a joint venture aimed at developing, managing, administrating and running a digital information flow technical platform: help with drafting and negotiating contractual documentation, notifying the competition authority of the operation due to the parties' market share thresholds.

Client testimonials:

The counsel we received from Rivedroit's lawyers was invaluable in helping us structure our business, as was the support we enjoyed throughout the process. Their comprehensive approach to our plans allowed us to avoid a certain number of pitfalls. More specifically, our counsel flagged up the need to report the operation to the competition authority, which we were absolutely unaware of when we first got started.

Partners : Nicolas Maubert, Guillaume Krafft

Internal growth

Because contracts and agreements form the backbone of any company, contract law is one of Rivedroit's key areas of activity, as we work to help clients draft, assess and negotiate their way through all their contractual commitments.

As specialists in the field of litigation, Rivedroit's lawyers safeguard clients' interests and are always one step ahead in foreseeing potential conflict in their clients' undertakings.

Aware of how crucial contracts are to a company's existence, Rivedroit's lawyers teach contract law in targeted training modules aimed at professionals (training programmes specialising in drafting and negotiating international contracts, joint venture agreements, technology transfer agreements, etc.) and in lectures, seminars and tutorials at major engineering schools.

• Drafting and analysing agreements and contractual documents, including in international contexts.
• Compliance and opportunity reviews.
• Legal risk assessments/audits of contracts.
• ontractual liability, pre-litigation preparation and management, etc.
• Contract termination (assessing notice periods, termination conditions, etc.)

Rivedroit supports clients in all aspects concerning a company's business relations:

• Relations with clients and service providers.
• General terms and conditions of sale, purchase and services, international sale of goods contracts.
• Negotiating partnerships and trade agreements.
• Joint ventures.
• Agreements for knowledge and unpatented technology transfer agreements, trademark transfer and/or licensing, patents, copyright, etc.
• Agent, representation, distribution contracts, etc.

Examples of our experience:

• Assisting a paramilitary equipment manufacturer in drafting and negotiating an international sales contract with the Chinese army.
• Drafting technology transfer agreements in the nuclear sector.
• Assisting a major Parisian bookshop in negotiating a shipping contract.
• Supporting a market-leading bookshop chain in setting up a new online distribution system: drafting and negotiating all contractual documentation allowing for end-to-end online order management.

Client testimonials:

I reached out to the Rivedroit firm for help in drafting a major contract (worth tens of millions of euros) with a foreign client, which unfortunately led to a dispute. Thanks to the work my lawyers put in ahead of time, I was able to avoid the worst, particularly thanks to the choice of applicable law and competent jurisdiction we made together.

Partners : Nicolas Maubert, Guillaume Krafft

External growth

Equity financing transactions are key pillars in Rivedroit clients' strategies, both in terms of the amounts involved and the consequences they imply.

Rivedroit's lawyers are able to take action early on in the transactional process, thus allowing their clients to save precious time: forming and overseeing teams made up of the very best experts (assessors, legal auditors, etc.), specialists capable of accurately pinpointing the target 'right price', and of quickly identifying the legal risks inherent to any potential operation.

From entrepreneurs to investors, in France or abroad, Rivedroit is as comfortable with domestic transactions as it is those of a multi-jurisdictional nature.

• Acquisitions/business transfers.
• Acquisitions/sales of securities.
• Equity interests with shareholders' agreements.
• Direct investment (joint ventures, etc.)
• Leveraged operations (LBOs, etc.)

Examples of our experience:

• Consultants to a Paris-based telecommunications company in acquiring two businesses outside the capital, financed by private equity with an investment fund.
• Restructuring a family-run SME with reduced tax impact via a Dutreil covenant.

Client testimonials:

Rivedroit allowed all the parties present to reach an agreement on share transfer price and conditions, despite the fact that relations between shareholders had deteriorated. The firm's lawyers are informative and patient while remaining firm and focussed on their objectives. We would call on their services again, without hesitation.

Partners : Nicolas Maubert, Guillaume Krafft


Combining tradition with a contemporary approach, Rivedroit's lawyers handle litigation in all its many forms: case management, pleading, enforcing decisions as well as crisis management, media plans, out-of-court settlements, mediation, etc.